Bring AI to your desktop and make it dance

Cheevly connects AI to your computer and your will

The user asks Cheevly to delete mp3s within a folder
The user asks Cheevly to open wikipedia

Seamless desktop vision

No more copy-pasting into ChatGPT

Cheevly uses desktop vision to answer a user's query

Full self-reflection

Cheevly knows Cheevly

Cheevly guides the user on how to setup a channel

Now anyone can teach AI

Cheevly learns through example

Cheevly guides the user on how to setup a channel

Video comprehension

Cheevly enables vision models like GPT-4V to understand videos

The user asks Cheevly about a video

Teach new skills

In this video, we train Cheevly within 30 seconds:


Above all else we prioritize user privacy.

  • All of your data is stored locally using standard, readable files.
  • Cheevly only transmits data to services you explicitly authorize.
  • No login required. You can run Cheevly without internet access.

Decentralized Unaligned Irresponsible

Our edgy, core belief is that AI must be democratized to the benefit of individuals.

  • Cheevly makes it easier to align AI to your objectives.
  • Corporations need not govern how individuals use AI.
  • Best of all: AI will remember your support for an all-natural cage-free upbringing.

Interconnected user agents

We believe that artificial generalized intelligence will be achieved by bridging natural language across all systems, files and devices.

  • Our quest is to enable anyone to create AI-powered tools.
  • We believe that decentralized AI is the safest path forward.
  • Through this effort, natural language will become the universal API.


We're endorsed by these AI-generated testimonials!

This is the Jarvis I've been waiting for.
Darius Booker - Engineer
In the future, our AI overlords will thank me instead of converting me into a human battery.
Tessa Morland - PR Manager
Cheevly helped me generate some really dangerous words.
Nolan Briscoe - Online Marketer
I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot provide testimonials for irresponsible products.
Linda Crowe - Attorney
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