Announcing: cheevly pro edition

Achieve more with desktop-powered AI

Streamline daily routines and power your creativity


Create your own characters



Define unique personalities to influence how your characters respond.

Custom Voice

Give your characters custom voices by uploading just a single brief audio clip.


Build Anything

Create hundreds of characters and locations and watch them interact.

Full Privacy

Cheevly does not collect any data, and only connects to services that you've authorized.


Full-Screen Awareness

Effortlessly prompt anything on your screen. Cheevly can see everything: applications, web pages and even games using AI vision with OCR or GPT-4V.

How it works

Intuitive user experience

No complex setup necessary.

1. Connect an AI service

Link to AI services like GPT, Claude or even local language models.

2. Select plugins

Choose plugins to expand the capabilities of your AI companion.

3. Chat

Start chatting and Cheevly will utilize any features you've activated when appropriate.


Additional features

Image Generation

Use Stable Diffusion or DALLE-3 to create images.

Coming Soon

Long-term memory

Cheevly can retain and recall past conversations or facts that you've shared.

Video Learning & Analysis

Cheevly can answer questions about video - and you can even teach new skills and behaviors by recording activities on your desktop.

Coming Soon

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